4 Great At Home Workouts Without Equipment You Can Do

Just because you do not have equipment at home does not mean that you cannot work out.

You can do many different at home workouts without equipment or exercises that will help you stay in shape and keep you moving.

Some of these exercises listed here are some that you do anyway without even realizing you are working out.

Walking Up and Down the Stairs-At Home Workouts Without Equipment

Many people who go up and down the stairs all day do not realize that they are working out and getting a great workout.

Stairs are a great way to work your legs, bum, and abs.

If you are thinking, “walking up and down stairs will not help me stay in shape,” then take this challenge.

at home workouts without equipment
at home workouts without equipment

Continuously walk up and down the stairs without stopping for 15 minutes.

If you find that you are short of breath and sweating, then you are challenging your body.

Your heart rate will increase, and that is ultimately what your goal is when working out.

If you find this challenge too easy, run up and down the stairs for 15 minutes and see how you feel afterward.

Stairs are a great way to get your heart rate up, and there is no equipment needed.

If you think this is silly, think back to what a traditional gym has to offer; they most likely have a stair climber.

At Home Workouts Without Equipment: Squats

Squatting is another excellent way to work your lower body.

Squats are comfortable, and you do not need weights to do these.

Squat anywhere in the house.

You can also pair your squats with music.

Squat to the music’s beat (this usually gets your heart rate up if you listen to high paced music).


It will keep you going, and you will quickly feel the burn.

The great thing about doing squats without weights is that there is less chance of you hurting yourself when exercising.

Be mindful; however, proper form is always an excellent way to decrease the risk of hurting yourself even more.

Before you start squatting to a fast-paced song, be sure that your form is correct and start slow.

Again, the goal of these at home workouts without equipment is to get your heart rate up.

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Pushups and Planks: At Home Workouts Without Equipment

Now for the upper body.

Pushups and planks are great exercises that you do not need equipment for when performing.

When doing pushups, remember to go slow and have good form.

Doing pushups incorrectly can lead to you hurting your back, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

If you are having difficulty with pushups, try exercising on your toes.

An example is putting your knees on the ground or pushing up against the sirs, walls, or a counter.

Once these workouts get more manageable for you, decrease your incline, and pretty soon, you will be doing pushups on the floor, using your toes for the stability of your lower body.

Planks are great as well.

Challenge yourself to do one minute.

It may seem easy; however, a minute can seem like forever when you are not accustomed to doing this exercise.

Once you make it to a minute, continue challenging yourself, and add a minute.

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Crunches Are at Home Workouts Without Equipment

Crunches are a great ab workout.

You can do the standard crunch, up and down, and you can also do crunches from side to side to work the sides of your abs.

Engaging your ab muscles will undoubtedly strengthen those muscles, and you will begin building a stronger core.

Having a strong core can help to improve posture and balance as well.

Crunches are straightforward and do not require weights.

Working From Home: At Home Workouts Without Equipment Even More Important

Most people know that exercise or working out is right for them.

The reasons are many, such as mental, physical, and overall health.

Many people are working from home right now.


Gyms are limited or closed due to the pandemic.

It’s tempting to blow off exercise when you finish working.

If you are already at home working, it is common to get caught up in other home activities or just relax after the workday is over.

Some people got into at home workouts without equipment or running and biking outside.

Some never even started.

If you are trying to find your way back to a fitness routine or even just starting, it’s essential to know that: at home, workouts or exercise is even more critical if you are working from home.

Working at home can mean you are less active.

Even working at a desk involved driving or traveling to work and walking around at the workplace.

It’s not uncommon for people to sit all day with no exercise.

Sitting around more and working out less is not the way to go.

Check out these benefits of these working out ideas or exercise:

Benefits Of Exercise

● Weight management

● Improved health (decreases in blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol.)

● Mental health gains.

● Energy boost.

● Better Sleep.

● Improved physique

Portable Home Gym
Portable Home Gym

Why is at home 30-minute workout more vital if you are working from home?

Regular exercise is essential for everyone under normal circumstances.

It’s even more critical if you are working from home. Let’s check out why.

Exercise is valuable for your health. It can give your immune system a boost.

You are a healthier individual overall if you are fit.

Being physically healthy and heart fit can even help you get well faster if you get sick.

Working out can help you offset the weight gain

At home, workouts without equipment help you burn the calories you would have burned commuting to work and being more active during the day.

You will increase your calorie deficit with exercise, which is the key to weight loss or maintaining weight without eating less.

Mental health gains: Exercise is fantastic for your mental health.

You will be happier and more mentally fit from getting regular exercise.

Portable Home Gym

What type of working out ideas?

Any kind. Try these:

● Go for a walk of at least 10 minutes 3 times per week

● Go for a jog, start slow, and build-up

● Yoga

● Soccer in a park

● Hiking

● Take an online exercise class

● Sign up for a virtual event like a virtual 5k for extra motivation

At Home Workouts Without Equipment Conclusion

Challenge yourself: Set an exercise goal — such as doing fitness class several days per week or beating your mile time.

Setting a goal like this allows you to make a plan and a schedule to follow.

It will keep you accountable and set you up for success.

Experiment with all types of physical activity that fit into your life.

Try out many and add a few options into your weekly routine.

This way, you will have a few enjoyable choices and not a chore that you are doing because you feel like you should.

Just like many things adding fitness into your remote work at home routine is a practice that takes some work to become a habit.

Adding these practices into your life will bring all the benefits.

Also, at home workouts without equipment or adding exercise to your day can be a lot of fun once you find your favorite activities that you enjoy.

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