4 Great Mobile Apps for Fitness to Own

Mobile apps for fitness are the buzz in the fitness world for this century and beyond.

Have you heard the buzz or not?

Maybe you have but did not look into it properly.

Or maybe not, whatever the case; read on now.

What if there was a “sidekick” that you could use every day to keep yourself accountable and on track to your goals?

I’m betting that you’d jump on it without hesitation!

Well, surprise!

Things like those already exist, and what’s more, they can be easily downloaded on your mobile phone, which you surely carry with you wherever you go.

You are introducing the era of mobile fitness apps, making workouts more productive and easily trackable.

There is a range of fitness apps that you can download from your app store, some free and some paid.

mobile apps for fitness
Mobile apps for fitness

Mobile Apps for Fitness

Of course, the one you download should fit your goals; you can find an app that does any of the following, or sometimes more than one function:

• Logging Workout Sessions- including repetitions performed, weight lifter, or time an exercise is performed.

• Tracking Sleep Logs- these are a bit more technical and usually require a worn component to complement the mobile app.

• Heart Rate Monitors- these mobile apps either require the user to place their finger against a pre-determined area on their phone or counts the number of beats your heart makes in a minute.

• Food Counters- if the diet is your major weakness, an app that uses nutritional tables could significantly simplify your life.

• Record Body Weight- some apps also allow you to make a note of your weight measurements.

With those features in mind, here are our picks for great mobile fitness apps:

Fitbit is one of the innovators in fitness tracking; today, a mobile app also exists, allowing you to track your fitness levels easily.

This mobile fitness app is available in a basic free version or a premium version that costs $49.99 per year.

You can manually add health data such as foods consumed, weight measurements, and even blood pressure and glucose readings.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness
Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness

Mobile Fitness Apps

Own a Fitbit Wearable tracker?

Even better!

You can easily synchronize the two to automatically record your workouts and other data to the mobile app.

If you want to go all out, you can even pick up the Fitbit bathroom scale, allowing seamless automatic transmission of bodyweight to the app.

•My Fitness Pal- if food tracking is crucial to you, this is the mobile fitness app that takes the cake.

It is one of the most user-friendly apps and contains a massive food and drink database.

Many other apps lack in this area, containing incredibly popular brands but not harder to find foods.

The app can also track the calories you burn through activity, which is a great calculator strictly in terms of calories in versus calories out.

Fitbit Activity Tracker
Fitbit Activity Tracker

•SleepBot- quite a few popular fitness trackers seem to discount the importance of logging sleep, but it is still an essential aspect of overall fitness.

This app allows you to track and measure how well you sleep for several days, but can also track your movements, being able to auto-record.

This way, you can determine if you are having any issues during sleep (such as severe sleep apnea), and is loaded with customized tips to enhance your sleep quality.

You can easily clock in and clock out so that the app stops tracking when you’re awake, and it integrates easily with your favorite alarm clock. To top it all off, it’s free!

Fitness Smartwatch
Fitness Smartwatch

• Fitocracy- if the name sounds a little fancy and exotic, that’s because it is a mobile app for fitness.

This fitness tracker is perfect for those of us who relish a challenge since it was developed with a unique twist, the principle behind popular online role laying games, such as the world of Warcraft.

It comes preloaded with workouts or allows you to add your own, but here’s the fun part; you are given points upon completing assigned tasks.

These points can then used to level up or unlock new features and workout challenges.

This app is a great innovation to keep persons motivated, engaged, and willing to use the app.

My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal

Free To Download App Click the Image

Conclusion Mobile Apps for Fitness

The only way mobile apps for fitness would be useful to you is when you finally own it, make sure you use it.

We tend to buy many things for just the fad of having it and let it pick up dust.

In this case, it would be a sad situation after all the trouble you went through to decide on the one that suits you best.

You would have to go over 100 other fitness tracking apps you can choose from, based on what they do, price, and ratings.

You can spend hours browsing an app store before deciding on an appropriate one so that you can try one of the recommendations above, but be sure to use it after downloading it!

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