4 Reasons Exercise Is More Important Than Ever During The Pandemic

What has happened to our exercise routines?

What to be confined has done to most people’s lifestyles?

We will straightforwardly answer these questions so that you profit from it.

When the pandemic arrived, many people did not know which direction it would take.

Little did we know that along with wearing masks and social distancing, we would have to stay in our homes.

Our daily tasks have taken a back seat while our minds are trying to sort through the vast amounts of information the news provides.

With a lot to take in mentally, we have let our exercise routines almost wholly forgotten.

As time has gone on with truly little change, it is more important than ever to bring back some form of normality, starting with our physical needs.

When individuals are overwhelmed with stress, it is hard to get that push.


Keeping Your Body and Mind Well During the Pandemic

Follow these four motivational ways to feel more grounded.

Statista.com reported that 27% of respondents were exercising less often because of the crisis.

Instead of focusing on the reasons that keep us from moving, let us focus on exercise’s mental benefits.

-Reduces stress—By making our bodies move, we allow our minds to reset.

It can be as simple as doing chores, dancing to music, or walking around your neighborhood.

Often when we feel bogged down by our thoughts, we get in a slump.

Our bodies take in all that stress with no outlet.


-Improves mood—When our spirits are low, it can lead to severe depression, bringing another host of problems.

If things are stagnant, we often become bored and lazy, making it harder to stay motivated.

However, if the body is tired from exercising, it gives the mind a chance to relax.

If it is hard to take that first step, try doing an exercise that you like.

When we engage in activities we enjoy, we feel a sense of accomplishment.

Exercise Routine

-Prevents sedentary disease—Sedentary disease is defined as a lifestyle with a lot of sitting and lying down, with little to no exercise.

Since the pandemic began, it has been reported that now, more than ever, Americans have adapted heavily to this lifestyle.

Sedentary activities look like the following:

o Sitting for long periods working on computers

o Watching television for more than one hour

o Socializing by phone in an inactive state

o Playing video games for a good portion of the day


***Avoids weight gain—When our bodies become accustomed to non-mobile activities, our brains crave nutrition.

It is where weight gain takes a turn.

The Washington Post newspaper reported that “many sugar cravings stem from a blood sugar imbalance. When the body ingests sugar, the blood sugar spikes, and the body releases insulin to lower it to a safer level. The body craves food that will raise it and increase energy.”

Much of the same is said about salt cravings.

However, these two combined over a relatively short period creates unwanted weight gain.

Instead of reaching for a short term high, try these snacks as an alternative to achieve a natural high and create enough energy to do some form of active exercise:

o Bananas

o Apple slices with peanut butter

o Avocado with whole-grain toast

o Dateso Almonds

In Conclusion, keeping your mind and body healthier allows you to cope with the current pandemic in a more rational and evenly grounded lifestyle.

Exercise Fitness Mat
Exercise Fitness Mat

Let us take a final look at some exercises that will get you started:

• Do the dishes or laundry (do a little dancing too)

• Walk around your neighborhood

• Go to the grocery store

• Utilize free workouts from the internet to use at home

• Do a short hike in the parks

• Park further away from the front door of stores (this little bit of exercise helps)

• Call a friend and meet for a jog

Therefore, remember that exercise is vital to your overall health; find a way to maintain your lifestyle’s exercise routine.

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